Barack Obama talks the war on drugs with the creator of The Wire

"What drugs don't destroy, the war against them is ripping apart"

In surprise show of support, filibuster-proof Senate majority backs paid sick leave

If passed, the Healthy Families Act would be the first meaningful expansion of federal time-off requirements since 1993.

The payday industry’s money-making model is coming to an end

Arizona is moving to block abortion coverage, cutting off poor women

That drives inequality.

Democrats’ conundrum: Voters often don’t trust government to fix inequality

Voters, it turns out, don't much care for Democrats' solutions to inequality.

After legalization, Colorado pot arrests plunge

Marijuana arrests have fallen by 95% in Colorado, but some racial disparities still remain.

When cheap housing isn’t really a good deal

How the hidden costs of transportation influence what's truly affordable.

How the FDA could make prescription drug ads less annoying

The super long lists of potential side effects could get much shorter.

Map: Every single road in the U.S., in mind-boggling detail

Get ready to experience the U.S. like you never have before.

Taking aim at tech industry inequality, Microsoft extends paid leave to thousands of contractors

People working for Microsoft's suppliers will receive 15 days of paid leave, currently a rarity.

How welfare encourages people to start businesses

Research suggests the social safety net encourages risk-taking.

Consumer protection agency, for first time, takes aim at payday lenders

The proposal marks the first attempt by the federal government to regulate payday lenders.

New Census data: Americans are returning to the far-flung suburbs

The rise and fall — and tentative rise again — of the "exurb."

A California lawyer wants a ballot initiative to require the execution of gay people

What happens when democracy allows for violent proposals?

Is your food genetically modified? If Congress moves on this, you may never know.

The notion that genetically modified foods ought to be labelled has caught on. But a new bill in Congress would call a halt to these efforts.

Finally, we know how many bloggers live in their parents’ basement

A search for how many bloggers truly live in their parents' basements

Obamacare celebrates its fifth birthday

Polls show Americans are getting used to the law, which has had some successes, but still, more people oppose it than support it.

Scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that dramatically cuts the calories

You've been making rice the wrong way.

Welcome to the world of the $6 bus ride to work, $7 juice not included

What luxury private transit could mean for people who ride the public bus.

How Ted Cruz could wind up on Obamacare

This shouldn't be seen as simply an Obamacare gotcha moment for the Texas Republican, who's made Obamacare repeal a central part of his identity.

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