Everything that’s wrong with high heels

Our passion for heels mingles with a certain pressure to wear them

Banks say practices that led to conspiracy charges will continue

Major banks pleaded guilty to some $6 billion in fines this week, but said they would continue the practices questioned by regulators.

These states rob from the poor and give to the rich

Call it the American tradition of Robin Hood in Reverse.



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There’s really bad news for egg lovers

Bird flu has spread like wildfire, paralyzing chicken farmers throughout the Midwest, and casting a gloomy shadow over the U.S. egg industry.

How Uber-type jobs are driving inequality, and what to do about it

Freelancers in the on-demand economy say they don't make enough money, and the OECD says governments need to care.

America’s 1 million missing entrepreneurs

Why the founders of the next great startups might not be starting up companies at all

Kansas has found the ultimate way to punish the poor

Legislators are taking away so much of the little that poor Kansans get

The worst possible scenario to come out of Baltimore and Ferguson

There is a very real possibility that we get a political backlash, and not social progress.

The biggest question about police militarization Obama hasn’t answered

As he looks for ways to encourage reforms in the country's many local law enforcement agencies, the president confronts the limits of his legal authority.

If you thought income inequality was bad, get a load of wealth inequality

If life is a game of Monopoly, most of us are losing.

The NSA could be forced to halt some surveillance

If Congress does not act by Friday, the agency will be forced to indefinitely halt some highly controversial programs.

An incredible image shows how powerful countries are buying up much of the world’s land

Is this how you assemble a modern day empire?

Utahns, Mainers and Wyomingites: The ultimate guide to what to call people from each state

You may not have realized it before, but you need this graphic in your life

These are the fastest growing cities in America — and they are not N.Y. or San Francisco

The allure of the Sun Belt is back.

The conservative case against picking on unions, courtesy of Missouri Republicans

A bloc of GOP legislators kept a right-to-work law from winning a veto-proof majority in the state. Here's why.

Fed minutes show June rate hike unlikely

The Fed is widely expected to start raising the interest rate again this year. But disappointing economic growth, low inflation and a slowing job market have cast doubt on the timing.

USDA declines to investigate alleged violations at major organic farms

The USDA has declined to investigate complaints based on aerial photography that 14 large-scale organic farms are not allowing their animals outside.

The states where parents spend the most on child care

Every parent in America has a reason to complain, research suggests.

A surprising number of people see their pay swing widely every month

The new JP Morgan Chase Institute has a 27-million-customer data set to draw on, and new insights into how volatile our finances are.

This video by a Columbia University neuroscientist​ might be the best case against the drug war ever made

He doesn't worry about his kids using drugs -- he worries about the cops killing them for it.

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