Why Pepsi’s decision to ditch aspartame isn’t good for soda—or science

Despite the loud and growing opposition to the use of aspartame, there is actually no definitive evidence that consuming sugar substitutes causes any harm.

Poll: Most Americans believe fast food workers should be able to unionize

Just not as much as they think workers in other industries should be able to unionize.

The disturbing differences in what men want in their wives and their daughters

Men want their daughters to be independent. Their wives? Less so.

School drug tests: Costly, ineffective, and more common than you think

Some require random drug tests for chess club and marching band. Other schools don't need any reason at all.

The entire history of the world, in 1 chart

This 5-foot-long chart captures 4,000 years of history

Bush is set to raise $100 million, and he’s not even formally running

Bush's reported early fundraising erases previous records for campaign finance.

We’re beginning to learn what ‘Generation Katniss’ really cares about — and why it matters

The world that molded today's teenage girls might have similarities to Panem, the fictional nation that rules North America in the Hunger Games.

The GOP’s seven-letter solution to every problem: tax cuts

The flat tax is making a comeback among Republican presidential hopefuls, but it still doesn't make any economic sense.

A mysterious nicotine lozenge shortage that drove ex-smokers crazy is almost over

Why Elizabeth Warren thinks Bill Clinton made CEO pay even worse

One of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's least favorite tax proposals exists because former President Clinton promised to limit executive compensation.

How the gluten-free movement is ruining our relationship with food

Amid the rise of the fall out of gluten, there is a growing sense, largely from those who are actually studying the physiological effects of the protein, that people are being a little ridiculous.

Who actually makes the minimum wage in America today

Young, female, part-time, Southern restaurant workers without a high school degree.

Congratulations, America. You’ve finally worked long enough to pay your taxes for the year

Tax Freedom Day has arrived! Every dollar you earn after today is (theoretically) tax-free

Why pregnant women in Mississippi keep dying

The United States is the only advanced economy in the world with a rising maternal mortality rate.

The geography of heavy drinking, mapped

Where Americans drink the hardest.

Are these beautiful lettuce and tomatoes really organic? The debate over an agricultural innovation.

The latest controversy over the USDA "organic" label concerns whether produce grown in water tanks may be eligible for the designation.

Map: The unique and sometimes crazy things that each state imports most

For most states, their biggest import is energy. For Wisconsin, it’s sweaters.

Austerity has been an unmitigated disaster, and this proves it

The IMF has shown that countries that did austerity had less, not more, investment afterwards.

A powerful reddit thread reveals what it’s like to have a disability

14 things people with disabilities want you to know about how to treat them

Poetry is going extinct, government data show

America's no longer a land of poets. Now you know it.

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