Map: How coffee splits the United States in half

It's easy to have strong feelings about the coffee shops near our homes

Why unions’ huge minimum wage win may not bring in new members

Los Angeles unions bankrolled the $15 minimum wage campaign, but when they asked for a union-friendly provision, support evaporated.

U.S. economy shrinks in first quarter, raising questions about underlying strength

The U.S will revise first quarter economic growth figures



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Economists have figured out who’s really to blame for exploding income inequality

The truth about inequality.

What it really means to rely on food stamps and welfare

The sums are small, and most people aren't long-term users of these programs.

Why this 24-year-old is buying abandoned homes in Detroit

A look at what a few thousand dollars can buy in the city today.

Hollywood just had its worst Memorial Day weekend in 17 years

Hollywood just partied like it's 1998 -- and not in a good way.

Why this Fed official believes the central bank should rethink everything

A top Fed official has a big proposal for how the central bank should change what it does

Scott Walker, discussing abortion, says ultrasounds are “just a cool thing out there”

The potential Republican presidential candidate drew criticism for dismissing concerns about mandatory ultrasounds

The bizarre thing that happens when people take diet drugs

People tend to have a subtle but profound misunderstanding of how diet drugs work.

Redlining: Still a thing

Evidence that banks still deny black borrowers just as they did 50 years ago.

Nike becomes suspected player in alleged $150 million FIFA bribery scandal

"The World Cup of fraud" hinged on five businessmen, who investigators say pocketed kickbacks in exchange for media and marketing deals.

The human toll of FIFA’s corruption

A closer look suggests that there is a lot of real-world suffering happening as a direct result of FIFA's decisions.

Visualized: How the insane amount of rain in Texas could turn Rhode Island into a lake

What 8 million acre-feet of water actually looks like.

China’s richest man might have been running a massive fraud

A Chinese solar panel company owned by what was at the time China's richest man just went down 47 percent last week. What's going on?

The big question behind protests keeping blueberries from San Francisco

Can Mexico compete on low wages, when laborers see friends and family making so much more money up north?

The truth about dark chocolate

The FDA inspected a bunch of dark chocolate in the U.S.. What it found was pretty disappointing.

Quiz: Can you tell these 16 cities by their skylines?

How much about the world's big cities do you really know?

Why more young women than ever before are skipping church

The countries where gay men are the happiest

Maps and charts show where around the world gay men report being happiest

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