The true Olympics victor is…Grenada?

August 10, 2012

As the Olympics comes to a close, the United States and China are pretty much owning the medal count, with a respective 90 and 80 medals.

That's if you look at the gross number of medals. The folks over at Olympic Medals Per Capita -- a Web site with the motto, "Olympic glory in proportion" -- have a different way to think about success in London. As the name suggests, they have calculated Olympic medals awarded per capita as well as total medals won by gross domestic product. On both measures, it's Grenada that lands at the top of the list.

It has one medal for its 110,821 residents. The United States comes in 40th, with one medal per 3.4 million residents. Even Canada is doing better than the United States on this measure, as you can see in this map below:

Source: Olympic Medals Per Capita

The country that comes out the very worst by this metric? It's India, whose four medals work out to one per every 310 million residents.

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