Best sentences we read today

March 1, 2013

— "It should be possible to compensate hospital executives well without treating middle-class uninsured people like lemons to be squeezed fiscally."

— "Even my cat dislikes Obama when we watch him on television. The cat doesn’t like to be lied to, either.”

— "So you thought central banking was boring. Well, it usually is, but not when Neil Irwin writes about it."

— " 'It’s like lava at this point,' he said. 'Who knows how it’ll cool?' "

— "Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), along with unlikely ally Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), is launching an effort to break up the taxpayer-funded party on Wall Street."

— "I’ve dubbed this fantasy the Green Lantern Theory of the Presidency in honor of the comic book superheroes whose abilities to use their 'power rings' depend on their willpower."

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