The best sentences we read today

--“In the foreign stories, robots are always the enemies. In Japan, they’re our friends.”

--"In our current debate over capitalism, too much attention is focused on whether, how or how much to redistribute the incomes that markets have produced, with too little focus on the institutional arrangements that determine how that income is divided up in the first place."

--"Netflix adultery may be among the pettiest of modern deceptions, but it is real. It causes rifts and guilt trips. It causes fights."

--"New York’s rat extermination proposals in the past have included everything from the deployment of World War I-era poison gas to a hunting spree led by rifle-bearing citizens. ... This seems to be the MTA’s first effort to target the rodents’ reproductive organs."

--"Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned oil company, reportedly offered to bail out Cyprus’s troubled financial sector in exchange for exploration rights to the country’s natural gas."

--“Anyone who says they have a lock that can never be picked is fooling themselves.”

--"'We believe this is the last nail in the coffin,' of claims that scientists can get DNA from million-year-old fossils."

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