The best sentences we read today

-- " I’ve never touched a computer in my life, never been on the Internet and wouldn’t know how to get there if you sat me in front of a computer, turned it on for me, and gave me directions."

-- "Hancock wanted to use nuclear weapons for mining and for dredging new ports along the northwest coast, but there was no bloody chance of getting such bold ideas approved by the timid federal bureaucracy, in Canberra."

-- "Lawmakers can either provide adequate funding for detecting and characterizing near-Earth objects, and diverting them if necessary — or they can pray."

-- "4:40 p.m. I’m hungry. Rifle through staff’s desks for dark chocolate. Make note to cover my tracks if I find any."

-- "Small countries be warned when joining the euro zone. You could be bullied any time by your big brothers if it suits their political objectives."

-- " 'I didn’t kill those three little boys,' says the little boy."

-- "Nearly three-quarters of the spending increases in Medicare over the next two decades can be attributed to aging alone."

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Brad Plumer · March 19, 2013