The best sentences we read today

March 26, 2013

-- "Adobe has extensive rules prohibiting the use of 'photoshop' as a noun, a verb, a possessive, slang or anything with a small 'p'."

-- "French oil major Total on Friday launched a new supercomputer that will help it find oil 15 times faster than before and rank it among the world's top 10 institutions in terms of computing power."

-- "The reporter who’s probably done more than anyone else to integrate political science into daily news coverage, however, actually works at a regional newspaper in the Midwest: Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel."

-- On Boris Berezovsky: "a man who had been given a magnificent mind, and limitless energy, and who devoted these, primarily, to destruction, speculation, and manipulation."

-- "Under the circumstances, promoting the development and expansion of nightlife hubs should be a key economic development priority for cities."

-- "The most compelling theory, however, is even simpler than that, chalking up Juarez's drop in crime to good, old-fashioned police work."

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