The best sentences we read today

March 28, 2013

- "Same-sex parenting rights have successfully advanced precisely because the legal wrangling over them has remained largely below the radar."

- "What comes to mind are Wild Things, The Night of the Hunter, Girls, Russ Meyer, Sam Peckinpah, David Lynch, Camille Paglia, Roissy, Calderon, Ross Douthat, and The Real Cancun."

- "By surveying Google results in six-month increments, we can see how 'In One Chart' posts have proliferated."

- "For a patient with a gunshot wound, a single surgery followed by two days in the intensive care unit runs about $100,000."

- "This calls the headline finding -- that the increase in inequality since 1987 was caused exclusively by larger permanent shocks -- into question."

- "He was like some kind of robo-rabbi."

- "Extant rhyming aphorisms in their original form (e.g., 'What sobriety conceals, alcohol reveals') were judged to be more accurate than modified versions that did not preserve rhyme ('What sobriety conceals, alcohol unmasks')."

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