The best sentences we read today

April 2, 2013

-- "The US has gained 387,000 managers and lost almost 2 million clerical jobs since 2007, as new technologies replace office workers and plunge the American middle class deeper into crisis."

-- "But even Sony makes far more money today out of selling life insurance than it does out of making electronics."

-- "Now, in the latest ambitious and costly assault on gridlock, Los Angeles has synchronized every one of its 4,500 traffic signals across 469 square miles — the first major metropolis in the world to do so, officials said."

-- "A county court in central China has sentenced four men to prison for digging up and selling corpses on the black market to enable "ghost marriages", a millennia-old custom of burying deceased bachelors alongside newly deceased wives so that they will not grow lonely in the afterlife."

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Brad Plumer · April 2, 2013