The best sentences we read today

April 3, 2013

- "'I got white hair,' he says. 'It sticks out of my baseball cap. If you're old, why would you be pretending to be someone else who's old? Using their picture?'"

- "Minimizing cheating is a terrible top priority. The top priority should be teaching students better."

- "If you’re conceding—and it sounds like you are—that your fears are built atop academic prototypes and long-term tech projections, then it follows that your case is as thin as any other futurist’s."

- "If we have the power to intervene in the nature of our offspring—rather than consigning them to the natural lottery—then we should."

- "The illogical exemption of private gun sales from background checks is the very reason that criminals don’t currently have to obey existing background check laws."

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Sarah Kliff · April 3, 2013