The best sentences we read today

April 23, 2013

-- "Indeed, for customer-support calls, people with a criminal background actually perform a bit better."

-- "In 1816, the net public debt of the UK reached 240 per cent of gross domestic product. ... What economic disaster followed this crushing burden of debt? The industrial revolution."

-- "But Baucus’ key contribution to health care reform was the one almost nobody remembers."

-- "Her personal possessions on this day amount to what she was wearing when she walked out to see what was going on."

-- "The great psychologist William James was Gertrude Stein’s teacher and mentor. As legend tells it, James once posed a single question on a final examination: 'What is risk?' Stein wrote, 'This is,' walked out of the examination room, and went about her business."

-- "The FBI's Ten Most Wanted List is sort of like your high school's homecoming court, in that the members of both are largely chosen based on looks."

-- "Just realized somebody's been hacking into my account. tweeting nonsense about presidential leadership."

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