The best sentences we read today

May 13, 2013

-- "In baseball, you can get everything important right and not have it matter at all."

-- "The difference between photojournalism and photography is ethics."

-- "Promoters preparing for Spain's high season this month expect the number of corridas, the bloody showdowns in which bulls nearly always die at the hands of matadors, to be about half the 1,011 registered in 2007, the year before the economy went into a dive."

-- "Rather, the health system in the United States is in many ways so risible that it comes across as droll even when a dour German-born economist describes it."

-- "Even supposing that technological advances made travel possible over such distances possible, why would we bother. By hypothesis, that would require the ability to live in interstellar space for thousands of years. A civilisation with that ability would have no need of planets."

-- "The fastest animal alive today is a small, carnivorous dinosaur."

-- "It’s all a bit crazy. But we feel that we must do something with our investments for the same reason a goalkeeper dives."

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