The best sentences we read today

May 21, 2013

-- "More than 800 people have paid as much as $200,000 apiece to reserve seats on commercial flights into space, some of which are expected to launch, at long last, within a year."

-- "Fashion models are almost twice as likely to get their visas as computer programmers, by one rough measure." (Note that this stat is misleading, but the article's interesting.)

-- "Anyone who was alive 2,000-3,000 years ago is either the ancestor of everyone who’s now alive, or no one at all.”

-- "New research suggests that the container has been more of a driver of globalisation than all trade agreements in the past 50 years taken together."

-- "After spending nearly one-third of a $3 billion budget to build four of the world’s most advanced submarines, [Spain's] engineers have run into a problem: the submarines are so heavy that they would sink to the bottom of the ocean."

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