The best sentences we read today

May 24, 2013

-- "A multimillionaire president nominated a billionaire who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his campaigns, and he sent her to be confirmed by the millionaires’ club that is the U.S. Senate."

-- "Whatever Obama’s preferences are, he has killed exponentially more people than he has detained and prosecuted."

-- "I started ordering Long Island Iced Teas because, secretly, I've always believed it to be a more interesting drink than people credit."

-- "Hearing a foreign language is like seeing a postcard from some other land, even when you are actually in that other land."

-- "While contestants take their seats onstage, an emcee recites rules. Competitors have 20 seconds to eat as many chilies as they can. Peppers must be chewed at least three times, to ensure the release of the pain-causing ingredient; the highest concentration of capsaicin is in the lining of the pepper—its placenta—and the seeds."

-- "If we are cursed to forget much of what we read, there are still charms in the moments of reading a particular book in a particular place." (I'm not sure that sentence does it justice, but this essay on reading and forgetting is really great.)

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