The best sentences we read today

June 19, 2013

-- "Hoffa went missing in Detroit, a city that, then as now, was filled with great places to hide a body."

-- "Editor's Note: The original story incorrectly heralded the worldwide demise of the telegram."

-- "To a visitor from North America, where bird hunting is well regulated and only naughty farm boys shoot songbirds, the situation in the Mediterranean is appalling: Every year, from one end of it to the other, hundreds of millions of songbirds and larger migrants are killed for food, profit, sport, and general amusement."

-- "“Everyone knows I’m an asshole,” he said. “The point is that they’re assholes.”"

-- "With a big enough budget it would, says Dr Wood, now be possible to build a mile-high (1,600-metre) skyscraper."

-- "The nation’s teacher-training programs do not adequately prepare would-be educators for the classroom, even as they produce almost triple the number of graduates needed,according to a survey of more than 1,000 programs released Tuesday."

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