The best sentences we read today

July 9, 2013

-- "Rooting for [Jay-Z] in 2013 is like rooting for Pfizer. Or PepsiCo. Or PRISM."

-- "Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to alpacas. They are bred for their wool; they are not beasts of burden."

-- "Second, never make a financial bet against American laziness."

-- "Would it be possible to simply annex a little enclave of the moon to protect it from rapacious space traders?"

-- "When wealthy Americans brought home the practice of tipping from their European vacations in the late 19th century, their countrymen considered it bribery."

-- "Plugging the 2004 results into 2016 demographics, for instance, would yield a Democratic victory."

-- "Isn’t any one-industry town a combination of clubby shared interests and quiet competition for superiority?"

-- "You are never too young to be excited about low interest rates!"

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Timothy B. Lee · July 9, 2013