The best sentences we read today

July 23, 2013

— "Obama walked in and said to his economic team, 'Man, Wolin’s kids are adorable.' To which Geithner, teasing his deputy, retorted, 'Isn’t that shocking, Mr. President?'"

— "I’ve somehow created a thing for myself where I can pretty much say whatever I want, and get away with it."

— "If you spend your time as a government lawyer being extremely lackadaisical in your prosecutorial efforts that's going to make you look like a bad lawyer who people don't want to hire."

— "The right seethes over public-sector pay while the left seethes over private-sector pay due to a disagreement over both the way wages are and ought to be determined."

— "There's no central method to search an email at this time with the way our records are set up, unfortunately."

— "The future of Taco Bell is not about kids meals. This is about positioning the brand for Millennials."

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