What the White House visitors’ log tells us about the Fed race

July 30, 2013

One thing that's become clear as the Fed race has heated up is that the White House feels much, much closer to Larry Summers than it does to Janet Yellen. That's no surprise. Yellen never served in the Obama administration, whereas Summers ran the National Economic Council for two years. But a glance at the White House visitors' logs reveals that even since Summers left, there is a big divide in who's getting invited to 1600 Penn Ave. Yellen has visited exactly once, on Nov. 18, 2011. Summers, by contrast, has visited 15 times since leaving the NEC:

There are a few other interesting nuggets here. Former Fed vice chairman Roger Ferguson, considered a dark horse possibility for Fed chair, has visited 14 times, sometimes taking multiple meetings per visit. Stanley Fischer, the just-departed head of the Bank of Israel and doyen of the central banking world, visited Summers in the White House twice, and had a one-on-one Oval Office meeting with President Obama on 4/20 last year. The records are here; take a look for yourself.

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