The best sentences we read today

August 1, 2013

-- “Over a single four-year span, 2006 to 2010, the D.E.A. said armed pharmacy robberies climbed 32 percent.”

-- "The company claims that their machine 'replaces all of the hamburger line cooks in a restaurant.'"

-- "The man who shot Gigli, Robert Elswit, won an Oscar for There Will Be Blood, and he continues to be one of the most talented and in-demand cinematographers working."

-- "A do-nothing Congress appears to have given way to a let-someone-else-do-it Congress."

-- "It isn’t a good movie in terms of the conventional norms (acting for starters), but it also exhibits a crude integrity."

-- "The growth opportunities, according to the consumer research giant, are in trimming machines and “moustache colourants.”"

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Ezra Klein · August 1, 2013