The best sentences we read today

August 8, 2013

-- "Some employers are having difficulty filling positions because so many applicants are testing positive for heroin."

-- "Larry David could not invent you. You're too unbelievable."

-- "Hervé Falciani is a professed whistle-blower — the Edward Snowden of banking — who has been hunted by Swiss investigators, jailed by Spaniards and claims to have been kidnapped by Israeli Mossad agents eager for a glimpse of the client data he stole while working for a major financial institution in Geneva."

-- "Between 1990 and 2050 [China's] cumulative emissions from energy will amount to some 500 billion tonnes—roughly the same as those of the whole world from the beginning of the industrial revolution to 1970."

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Ezra Klein · August 8, 2013