The best sentences we read today

August 15, 2013

-- "While I, too, lament Christine and John's inability to crank out industrial-scale batches of Brooklyn-appropriate cupcake decorations, I think we can all agree that a couple who are simultaneously pursuing a second bachelor's degree in Zoology and an MFA are, at best, a cautionary tale about the perils of hipsterism, not a reflection of our economic age."

-- "Netflix says only, 'Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed'"—a perfectly ambiguous statement that allows for any number of contingencies, from Prepon still being around to the entire women's prison being relocated to the moon, where any escape would be futile."

-- "If George Bush tells Americans to kill other people, most will do it."

--- "You might be near a pedant, and they will say something like 'Don't you mean 'figuratively?'' (no, no one says 'figuratively' – it is pretentious) or go into 'Yes, your foot is LITERALLY coming off. I LITERALLY believe you' paroxysms until smothered."

-- "Inside is great, and humanity has struggled for tens of thousands of years to spend as much time as possible there."

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Lydia DePillis · August 15, 2013