The best sentences we read today

August 28, 2013

- "The March on Washington was important to us because it was a massive show of support to those who wanted to end segregation, which was more the rule than the exception."

- "All of a sudden this thing came to me that I have used — I’d used many times before, that thing about "I have a dream" — and I just felt that I wanted to use it here."

- "Drivers in Washington, D.C. are more than twice as likely to get into traffic accidents than the national average."

- "A growing body of evidence indicates that while cockpit automation may be relieving pilots of mundane chores when their workload is actually low (ie, while climbing to altitude and cruising), it is causing bigger headaches than ever when the workload is particularly high (ie, during take-off, descent, approach and landing)."

- "Honda owners might be asking: Why us?"

- "The zoo estimated that more than 20 million people visited Gus during his lifetime."

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Dylan Matthews · August 28, 2013