The best sentences we read today

-- "The man — amazingly the only person eligible to vote in a tiny district that covers less than a single block — never showed up, poll workers said."

-- "As the New York researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary, I’ve been hailed as a hero (hipster poets love me), gotten the rock star reception (by research librarians), and been dismissed with derision, thought possibly to be deranged – this by college classmates at a recent reunion..."

-- "There is a certain small percentage of the population, I’d say in the 3 percent range, that don’t have good, readable fingerprints for various reasons."

-- "On any given day what is it that's preventing millions of Americans from ordering breakfast at McDonald's? I can only think of four valid reasons."

-- "One of the rules in Rumsfeld's rules is 'Never assume the other guy won't do something you wouldn't do.' So reverse that double negative and you can assume they would do something we wouldn't do."

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Brad Plumer · September 11, 2013