The best sentences we read today

September 16, 2013

-- "In addition to Wilson and M.I.A., Hirschberg has eaten fries with Megan Fox, Sean Penn, and Bob Berney."

-- “Voila! The Citi Bike has become the Escalade SUV in the cannibal culture that arises after peak oil.”

-- "Wall Street types who applauded Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s financial acumen following his 2005 deal to restructure city pension debt should consider this: The numbers prove that his plan devastated the city’s finances and was a key factor that drove Detroit to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in July."

-- "[Gensler] told the Treasury chief it felt like his adversary bankers were in the room."

-- "Like Randall Jarrell’s President Robbins, Jarvis is so well attuned to his environment that sometimes you cannot tell which is the environment and which is Jarvis."

-- "The team created an algorithm that takes into account demographic information about electoral districts, lawmakers’ voting history and campaign finance data to determine the likelihood that a bill or regulation will be approved. So far, the founders claim the formula has yielded an accuracy rate in excess of 90 percent."

-- "It’s like comparing an Atari video-game system to the latest and greatest thing that Sony has come up with."

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