The best sentences we read today

September 24, 2013

-- "Just five years after China’s high-speed rail system opened, it is carrying nearly twice as many passengers each month as the country’s domestic airline industry."

-- "The word 'sweet' appears 840 times in your complete Shakespeare, nearly a thousand if you accept close variants."

-- "A play date at age ten is a series of hairpin turns."

-- "Fiona Apple’s cover can’t escape its burrito-peddling context."

-- "But not all writers of peculiarly enthusiastic letters to the editor are fake. I know because I spoke with four of them."

-- "Malls are increasingly central to urban African life; they’re the social hearts of the continent’s rapidly expanding cities, places where everyone from Savile Row-tailored diplomats to surfer-shorts-clad backpackers to the upwardly-mobile local middle class and even to the slum-dwelling poor, gather to act out a dream of the African future, one without the gates and barbed wire that divide the rich and poor in their residential areas, without the provisionality and roughness that mar the continent’s public infrastructure."

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