The best sentences we read today

October 1, 2013

-- "The first lesson from 'Breaking Bad' is that high-growth businesses come from unexpected places."

-- "Other people may not confuse cows for their phones, but research shows phantom vibration syndrome, or its other nicknames — like hypovibochondria or ring-xiety — are a near-universal experience for people with smartphones."

-- "The amount of time that consumers are spending waiting in lines at fast-food drive-thru windows is getting longer, not shorter, mostly due to the growing complexity of new products that the major fast-food chains are selling."

-- "Plans to dig up a pet cemetery at the hotel that inspired Stephen King's horror novel 'The Shining' have neighbors feeling aggrieved."

-- "This raises the necessary question of what it is, exactly, that makes representing irony typographically so catastrophic."

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