The best sentences we read today

October 3, 2013

-- "The problem with means-tested benefits is not only that they are politically untenable, but that they inevitably put the state in the business of judging the worth and deservingness of applicants–and thus, by extension, judging the way in which they lead their lives."

-- "The vast majority of explanatory breakup texts are just more lies shot out into the cloud in an effort to protect us all from the statistical reality: Few casual flings materialize into lasting romantic relationships, and there’s no particular reason why that’s the case."

-- "A super PAC formed by the powerful city teachers' union paid more than $370,000 to an apparently fictitious political consulting firm."

-- "An FAA advisory committee has concluded passengers can safely use hand-held electronic devices, including those connected to onboard Wi-Fi systems, during all portions of flights on nearly all U.S. airliners, according to one of the group's leaders."

-- "A land tax is an efficient tax—it makes the economy more productive and thus creates wealth."

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