The best sentences we read today

October 31, 2013

-- "While laptop users may find the smell of cat urine offensive, 'cat’s pee' is a term sometimes used by wine lovers to describe a wine’s aroma."

-- "Anthony Grafton, a Princeton history professor who started that university’s humanities recruiting program, said he sometimes feels 'like a newspaper comic strip character whose face is getting smaller and smaller.'"

-- "Providing free financial advice and help finding out what kind of public assistance is available seems like the kind of useful thing that liberals would applaud if a non-profit or government were providing it."

-- "For Cohn, digging through what I had assumed was personal information, was less challenging than filling in a crossword puzzle."

-- "While you’re probably aware of Tokyo’s cat cafes that let visitors cuddle up with a kitty while sipping some coffee, you’re unlikely to have heard of owl cafes, the latest craze to take hold in the Japanese capital."

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