The best sentences we read today

--- "The leading Goth / Industrial online community and social media site, Vampirefreaks, is looking for interns who will benefit directly by contributing content relevant to the interests of Vampirefreaks members and fans."

--- "I stand in front of the camera and 20 handlers and hipsters and publicists and crew and Yoko Ono and I think a reporter from Rolling Stone and I tell myself to pretend I can do this and I dance."

--- "It looks like the Hamburglar has been up to no good."

--- "Day 3 of council’s week-long budget deliberations degenerated into chaos briefly after an outraged Mammoliti accused Ford of calling him a 'Gino boy,' a term used to disparage Italian Canadians."

Lydia DePillis is a reporter focusing on labor, business, and housing. She previously worked at The New Republic and the Washington City Paper. She's from Seattle.
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Lydia DePillis · November 5, 2013