The best sentences we read today

November 12, 2013

-- "Every generation, a scientific paper comes along that rocks the very foundations of research, upturns our sense of the world, leaves us collapsed, in awe at everything that we, for all of our work, still fail to comprehend about the universe. 'Random Structures from Lego Bricks and Analog Monte Carlo Procedures' is not that paper. It is about throwing Legos in a washing machine. And it is wonderful."

-- "On the whole, therefore, strippers may prefer price inflation."

-- "Once you’ve had paid friends who don’t argue with you, it’s actually quite hard to go back to real friends."

-- "There are scholars who say that in Bach’s day, some boys’ voices didn’t change until as late as 17. Now boys’ voices are changing earlier, a lot earlier "

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Lydia DePillis · November 12, 2013