The best sentences we read today

November 13, 2013

-- "With the exception of the Queen of England, Thomas Pynchon, fugitives from justice, and a few eccentrics, almost everybody in public life finds it in their interest, from time to time, to board the informal (and never-ending) press tour for a chat with reporters."

-- "Homework involves an experiment to calibrate the accuracy of your oven, and some calculations to ascertain the number of various molecules in a recipe for aubergine with buttermilk sauce."

-- "Her disappearance was only one part of a much more complicated saga—one that involved illegitimate children, secret sex rituals, foreign spy agencies, and the family of Vice President Joseph Biden."

-- "If Instant Bloomberg is banned, it might also mean the end of something that seems to be much more rampant than the fraudulent manipulating of markets: using the chats to flirt."

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