The best sentences we read today

November 14, 2013

--- "In the Americas, while often discouraged, its cousin, called canibus indica, has been observed even in city window boxes."

--- ""If you're starting to worry about the fact that your 20s will go by too fast, and you're a math person: think about how long your life has seemed so far, cut that in half, and that's how long your twenties are, but you'll actually remember all 10 years, your first 10 years of existence."

--- "I could have made myself an omelet too, but that would have meant no eggs for the weekend."

--- "We were working feverishly to preserve the impression that the Fed knew what it was doing."

Lydia DePillis is a reporter focusing on labor, business, and housing. She previously worked at The New Republic and the Washington City Paper. She's from Seattle.
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