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December 12, 2013

-- "In the relatively staid world of CIA analysts, Jablonski was also a quirky character, a yoga devotee who made her own cat food, a woman who skipped off to Las Vegas to renew her vows in an Elvis-themed chapel." (There's much, much more to this story, that's just an irrelevant side sentence.)

-- "As the American psychologist James Hillman argued, an endless swarm of bugs flattens your perception of yourself as precious and meaningful. It instantly reduces your individual consciousness to a 'merely numerical or statistical level.'"

-- "A Chinese factory worker says walking in huge iron shoes weighing more than 200kg each can cure back pain, but faces hefty competition in his bid to build the country’s heaviest footwear."

-- "Whether or not to hit the snooze button is just about the first decision we make. Little wonder that it’s not always the optimal one."

-- "If your company was built from day one to produce stuff which people want to share, then that will always end up including certain things which aren’t true."

-- Also this from the Post's Yuri Victor:


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Brad Plumer · December 12, 2013