The best sentences we read today

--- "Those who are jailed might find, upon release, that their records of criminal fatness make it harder for them to find work in their desired fields, such as national opinion columnist."

--- "When you apply for a job at 50 people laugh at you. When you apply for a job at 65 people just look at you like you are crazy."

--- "I hate high school so much, but there's something kind of cool about walking around on the coldest day listening to 'Lindisfarne' by James Blake or something and feeling like something has happened, even though it's the worst thing ever."

--- "They’re transmuting base substances—everyday commodities you can find at Walmart—into something precious: a panacea, a cure-all."

Lydia DePillis is a reporter focusing on labor, business, and housing. She previously worked at The New Republic and the Washington City Paper. She's from Seattle.
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