The best sentences we read today

January 15, 2014

-- "The pace of scientific production has quickened, and self-correction has suffered."

-- "With the Cannibal Cop case, however, the evidence is more diffuse, difficult to interpret, and it might represent the fullest realization yet of our justice system’s march toward something out of Minority Report—the investigation and prosecution of pre-crime."

-- "For a decade now MoMA has been locked in a marketing battle with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The goal is to see which museum can be turned into the biggest tourist trap.”

-- "In 1950, clerical jobs represented three-quarters of the federal workforce. ... Today, these jobs are a mere 4 percent of the workforce of 2.1 million."

-- "The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) is teaming up with a company that manufactures fishing equipment to create a net that will sweep the heavens of the man-made debris orbiting our planet."

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