The best sentences we read today

January 29, 2014

-- "Why indigo? Why violet? We don't really know why Newton decided there were two distinct types of purple, but we do know he thought there should be seven fundamental colors."

-- "Four of every five animals on the planet are nematodes, outnumbering even insects."

-- "Dr. Amin Azzam, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, is doing his best to get as many doctors on Wikipedia as possible—and he’s doing it by catching them young."

-- “There are moments in Bartók’s String Quartet No. 1 when the gloom lifts, when the densely woven musical lines pause for a spot of pure, consonant sunniness. In Beethoven or Brahms these rare and radiant episodes would bring the argument to a conclusion, or summation, before moving on with a new idea. But in Bartók the effect is almost visual. The music has been pierced, like sun through a canopy of trees.”

-- "The kerfuffle started when word spread that the police were repeatedly evicting elderly Korean patrons from a McDonald’s in Queens. "

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