The best sentences we read today

February 6, 2014

-- "Deep in my heart, I hungered for a mahogany man-killer who would avenge me on the slopes and forever banish my Winter Olympics-induced shame."

-- "Law & Order, in contrast with CSI, tends to give a pretty realistic portrayal of our technological capabilities."

-- "The chances of [Puerto Rico’s] economy actually growing at any point in the foreseeable future seem remote."

-- True facts that sound fake: "Russia is bigger than Pluto." Or: "Mammoths were alive when the Great Pyramid was being built."

-- "He's published papers on the medieval European practice of putting rats and vermin up on trial, an African society that poisons chickens to tell the future, and he has an upcoming paper on the practice of auctioning off wives. So ritualized sacrifice fit right in his wheelhouse."

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