Wonkbook: Inside the crisis-era Fed

Today's top five stories: (1) how the Fed handled 2008; (2) why it's hard to cut health spending; (3) Hagel's 'Army of one' plan; (4) climate change's fiscal fires; and (5) why we need the Frye standard

By Evan Soltas February 24, 2014

Wonkbook: Adios, austerity?

Today's top five stories: 1) bye bye, budget cuts; (2) the case for ending job lock; (3) policy across the pond; (4) a Wonkbook look at Ukraine; and (5) did the Fed just make financial regulation harder?

By Evan Soltas February 21, 2014

Wonkbook: Why do businesses love the minimum wage?

Today's top five stories: 1) labor and business; (2) why wonks need to watch the law; (3) monetary policy's last dance; (4) why Obamacare won't meet its goals; and (5) net neutrality, take two.

By Evan Soltas February 20, 2014

Wonkbook: The stimulus debate’s final chapter

Today's top five stories: (1) the last stimulus report; (2) NSA on NSA; (3) reversing the wave of deportations; (4) Indiana moving towards gay-marriage ban; and (5) finance roars back

By Evan Soltas February 18, 2014

Wonkbook: How Labor lost in Tennessee

Welcome to Wonkbook, Wonkblog’s morning policy news primer by Evan Soltas. To subscribe by e-mail, click here. Send comments, criticism, or ideas to Wonkbook at Washpost dot com. To read more by the Wonkblog team, click here. Wonkbook's Number of the Day: 626-712. That was the vote that stopped unionization of a Volkwagen plant in Tennessee, a severe […]

By Evan Soltas February 17, 2014

Wonkbook: How to wish a wonk a happy Valentine’s Day

Today's top five stories: (1) a wonky Valentine's Day; (2) winter's effect on the economy; (3) the methane problem for natural gas; (4) Kansas OKs anti-gay discrimination; and (5) Comcast and the specter of antitrust

By Evan Soltas February 14, 2014

Wonkbook: A ‘clean’ win on the debt ceiling

Today's top stories: (1) Republicans give way on debt ceiling; (2) Yellen's steady hand; (3) putting the 'justice' back in criminal justice; (4) work at Healthcare.gov drags on; and (5) 'the day we fight back.'

By Evan Soltas | Wonkbook | February 12, 2014

Wonkbook: Immigration reform’s shaky second act

Today's top five stories: (1) immigration reform's slow implosion; (2) Fed's exit appears ever more etched in stone; (3) a first down for gay rights; (4) what ending 'job lock' looks like; and (5) policies to stop energy terrorism

By Evan Soltas | Wonkbook | February 10, 2014

Wonkbook: How to read 2014’s first jobs report

Today's top five stories: (1) unemployed are still in deep trouble; (2) the debt-ceiling debate; (3) doc fixed; (4) NSA phone-tapping has stopped "maybe one" criminal; and (5) the big Republican backtrack on immigration.

By Evan Soltas | Wonkbook | February 7, 2014

Wonkbook: Why many will work less under Obamacare

Today's top five stories: (1) Obamacare will cut incentive to work; (2) the dismal science strikes back; (3) it's all about existing power plants; (4) immigration reform might not be salvageable; and (5) Snowden's story, as told by the NSA.

By Evan Soltas | Wonkbook | February 5, 2014

Wonkbook: Will there be another debt-ceiling fight?

Today's top five stories: (1) debt-ceiling back in the spotlight; (2) imagine there's no Fed easing; (3) Obamacare vs. the Seahawks; (4) finally, the farm bill; and (5) chess moves for 2014.

By Evan Soltas February 4, 2014

Wonkbook: Janet Yellen takes the reins

Today's top five stories: (1) Yellen's first day; (2) what Healthcare.gov still can't do; (3) Republican support for immigration reform is shaky; (4) on Keystone, it's up to Kerry; and (5) another small State of the Union promise fulfilled.

By Evan Soltas February 3, 2014