Wonkbook: Are happy days here again?

Today's top five stories: (1) economic growth stays strong, for now; (2) a notable triumph for health reform; (3) the Republican perestroika; (4) state of our union still changing; and (5) a big legal challenge to the NSA.

By Evan Soltas | Wonkbook | January 31, 2014

Wonkbook: The state of our union is already changing

Today's top five stories: (1) policy actions take effect; (2) Fed keeps cutting monetary stimulus; (3) a bit of transparency for the secret court; (4) health insurers in loveā€“hate relationship with Obamacare; and (5) energy boom strains policy pipeline.

By Evan Soltas | Wonkbook | January 30, 2014

Wonkbook: A policy 101 for the 2014 State of the Union

Today's top five stories: (1) a summary of last night's State of the Union speech; with special attention to (2) the role of executive actions; (3) policies to address inequality; (4) meanwhile, a look and the economy; and (5) why Congress is surprisingly functional.

By Evan Soltas | Wonkbook | January 29, 2014