“While not every for-profit college is a bad actor, one veteran mistreated is one veteran too many," Sen. Tom Carper said, in a statement.

A federal program for the country's neediest college students is witnessing a troubling trend: an influx of students with fewer resources to pay for school.

Rohit Chopra is set to leave the federal government next week and was mum on future plans.

A spending plan released by a House committee Tuesday would prevent the Obama administration from moving forward with new regulations limiting the amount of debt students can carry in career-training programs.

Liberal leaders are coalescing around a set of solutions that offer a window into the kinds of ideas that Clinton and her staff are sifting through as they build her platform.

Perry's record on this subject as governor was mixed. Some say his policies did more to add to the burden of student debt than relieve it.

Sanders introduced legislation that would eliminate undergraduate tuition at public colleges and expand work-study programs to help students at private universities.

Amid state cuts in higher ed funding and federal grant aid eclipsed by rising tuition, low-income students must borrow to get a degree.

The recovery in the labor market is giving people a choice between working and taking time off to go to school.

Dallas, D.C., Chicago — and many rural counties in the South.

"Or they see just a fraction of who you really are."

Debt-free college has become part of the Democratic Party's agenda for 2016.

Republicans would cut education funding in their budget

States are moving toward zero funding for higher education.

Roland G. Fryer Jr., who focuses on race and education in his economic research, received the prestigious John Bates Clark medal last week.

A conversation with one of the top young economists in the country about race and education.

Some require random drug tests for chess club and marching band. Other schools don't need any reason at all.

Corinthian, which until recently ran Everest Institute, Wyotech and Heald College, is facing a $30 million fine and the imminent closure of some of it's remaining campuses.

Our kids live in a much safer world than the one we grew up in.

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