The McMansion is back, and bigger than ever

Home developers are building McMansions in the suburbs again

Boston may need the Olympics to fix its problems, which is bad news for all of us

Do American cities need to take on an Olympic Games just to get big things done?

What happens when Uber and Airbnb become their own regulators

Digitally sophisticated "sharing economy" companies could enforce regulation better than government can. Can we trust them to?

The surprising cost of growing up poor in the shadow of wealth

Poor boys in wealthier neighborhoods are more likely to misbehave.

The Supreme Court may soon disarm the single best weapon for desegregating U.S. housing

Civil rights groups brace for the worst.

The shocking number of moms who move in with others, and how much money they save

It turns out that doubling-up really is a valuable safety net for families with kids.

It’s time to give up the most loaded, least understood word in urban policy: gentrification

It does not mean what you think it means, in that it doesn't mean much at all.

Millennials can afford to become homeowners — just not where many of them live

Why they'll one day have to give up the cities they loved in their 20s.

Life in the suburbs means something very different for whites and blacks

The suburbs are more diverse than ever. But we’re replicating segregation there.

First-time buyers can now get a mortgage with only 3 percent down

First-time buyers scraping to save for a downpayment now have a shot at buying a home with little upfront cash.

Stunning city transformations in Google Street View

The mapping giant has been photographing city streets since 2007. A tour through the archive.

Why schools matter when you’re buying a home—even if you don’t have children

Study identifies areas with top-notch schools and affordable, and not so affordable, home prices.

Why more homes are being sold at foreclosure auctions even though the foreclosure crisis is over

The number of auctions are climbing, suggesting that banks are more aggressively offloading homes they've been holding onto due to delays.

What happens when housing for the poor is remodeled as luxury studios

Developers on Chicago's North Side have been rapidly buying up buildings that long housed the very low-income. Now the city is trying to slow them down.

How veterans are outperforming in today’s economy

By many measures, veterans are doing better than Americans who haven't served

Mortgage rates are headed to 5 percent. But don’t blame the Fed.

The Federal Reserve's program pushed down interest rates to historic lows after its launch in 2008, but rates won't be affected much as the program draws to a close.

The most expensive housing markets in the U.S. are also the most liberal

A startlingly strong connection between politics and home prices.

Why regulators are making it easier to get a mortgage

Regulators are relaxing all sorts of restrictions they wanted to impose on lenders now that the housing market is taking longer to recover than expected.

This is what the legacy of ‘white privilege’ looks like in Bill O’Reilly’s hometown

How a community explicitly built for white families helped create white privilege today.

How small changes to federal housing policy could make a big difference for poor kids

We're wasting the chance to use housing vouchers to help more families move to better neighborhoods.

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