The U.S. has been losing out on foreign investment. A bunch of multinationals are trying to change that.

China recently surpassed the United States as the top destination for global capital.

The definitive guide to whether or not a robot will take your job

Lost in the debate over automation and labor markets? Look no further.

Au pairs provide cheap childcare. Maybe illegally cheap.

A class action lawsuit alleges that au pair agencies failed to obey state minimum wage laws, keeping their pay at $4.35 an hour.

The industries where personal connections matter the most in getting a job

How important is networking to your industry?

It’s illegal to prevent workers from talking about wages. T-Mobile did it anyway.

A judge has thrown out large sections of T-Mobile's employee handbook for having a chilling effect on union organizing.

The cities where people work the most in the United States

New York City, where people supposedly never sleep, doesn't crack the top ten.

The franchise industry went to war against Seattle’s new $15 wage. Seattle won.

A federal court has ruled that the city can treat franchises like big businesses.

The true cost of an arm and a leg

In some states, workers who lose limbs get frighteningly little compensation

No, driver lawsuits won’t destroy the ‘Uber for X’ business model

Companies will just have to make less in profits.

To fix inequality, Democrats are pushing unions

At a time when GOP is gaining ground in very public attacks on labor, the left has turned to unions as a way to fix inequality.

Republicans love firefighters. But firefighters aren’t too sure about the Republicans.

At a presidential candidate cattle call, GOP hopefuls failed to dispel a sense that labor isn't their friend.

Companies drug test a lot less than they used to — because it doesn’t really work

Drug war-era employment screening policies have receded. Will pot legalization change that?

Why a D.C. bike shop is joining a radical socialist union

The staff of Capitol Hill Bikes organized in solidarity with the hard-fought campaign at Capital Bikeshare and wants to improve conditions in the rest of the industry.

Most states have slashed benefits for those injured on the job

Laws that decimate unions may be inevitable. Here’s how labor can survive.

Right-to-work laws have devastated unions. But there are ways for unions to adjust.

Why Wal-Mart decided to finally pay its workers more

The company needed its employees to do more, and wanted to show it was willing to compensate accordingly.

The airline industry recovered from Sept. 11, but the people who make airplane meals haven’t

Workers for in-flight catering services want back what they gave up when the airline industry nearly collapsed.

The incredible decline of American unions, in one animated map

Watch union membership fall from nearly one-third of American workers in 1964 to one in 10 today

All the things women could afford if it weren’t for the gender pay gap

Over a lifetime, the difference comes out to two houses, 14 cars or 37 years of family meals

Patricia Arquette gets it: The real gender wage gap is for moms

In a few words, the actress demonstrated a fairly sophisticated understanding of gender-based income inequality.

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