The 25-cent raise: What life is like after a minimum wage increase

A minimum wage hike bought her grandson diapers, but left her in poverty

Why the gun industry struggled to find a comedian to play its annual trade show

First Jay Leno backed out. Then old comments on assault rifles came back to haunt comedian Bill Engvall.

Child poverty in the U.S. is among the worst in the developed world

One in three American kids live in poverty, according to UNICEF.

Where income inequality has fallen the fastest in America

What we can learn from the counties that have seen the biggest drop in inequality.

The labor cost of ‘sharing economy’ convenience

At the Uber for homecleaning, workers are making higher pay. But they're not getting the perks and protections of more traditional jobs.

The men and women behind “the most amazing economics site in the world”

FRED started as a modest newsletter. It's now every wonk's secret weapon.

America’s marijuana arrest rates, in one chart

Where are America's highest rates of marijuana arrests?

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