Map: The straightest and curviest interstates in the U.S.

The length of American interstates, as the crow flies and the truck drives

Millennials are not who you think they are

It turns out a lot of people think like Millennials, whatever their age.

Why one-way streets are bad for everyone but speeding cars

Including businesses, property owners and pedestrians.

Driverless cars will probably make a lot of us motion-sick

The down side of high-tech.

Quiz: Can you identify these cities by only looking at their bike lanes?

The Washington Post bike lane quiz!

You’re wasting a ton of time ordering coffee! (Or how we think about traffic all wrong)

A half-serious calculation.

Mapped: How hard it is to get across U.S. cities using only bike lanes

We'd never build networks that look like this for cars.

How to dramatically improve public transit without building more of it

Transit providers that serve the same region should be seamless.

Watch shipping lanes carry carbon dioxide around the globe

A map shows where carbon emissions are the greatest

How the NYC subway compares to London, Tokyo and Shanghai

How the world's biggest metro systems size up

When cheap housing isn’t really a good deal

How the hidden costs of transportation influence what's truly affordable.

Map: Every single road in the U.S., in mind-boggling detail

Get ready to experience the U.S. like you never have before.

Welcome to the world of the $6 bus ride to work, $7 juice not included

What luxury private transit could mean for people who ride the public bus.

When a traditional cab is still cheaper than taking Uber

In New York, this happens more often than you'd think.

Elon Musk says we’ll outlaw human drivers in a world of driverless cars. Really?

"You can't have a person driving a two-ton death machine."

The world’s longest non-stop flights, mapped

Sydney to Dallas, and 19 other ridiculously long non-stop flights

Why parking spaces shouldn’t always be wasted on cars

How to get a lot more economic impact out of 200 square feet of asphalt.

What we lose when GPS does all our navigating for us

The last holdouts — cab drivers — are increasingly adopting the technology.

Charging people more to drive saves lives

Crashes, injuries and fatalities have plummeted in London's congestion pricing zone.

What maps will look like when we need cars to read them

When "turn right in 200 feet" is not good enough.

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