Seattle’s smart take on how to help the poor: subsidize their transit

Seattle just started charging transit riders according to their income.

The best places in the world to visit while the dollar is this strong

Falling hotel prices and a strong dollar make Europe and other regions of the world especially affordable this summer.

Trying to talk a bus driver into giving you a free ride? Make sure you’re white, or else wear a suit

In an experiment in Australia, white passengers were allowed to ride free much more often than black passengers.

Ford is experimenting with its own Uber-like app — and a vehicle to go with it

It's still unclear, though, who the automaker is competing with. Uber itself? Transit agencies? Cab companies?

The impressive environmental bonus of crowded city living

Measured in carbon emissions from transportation.

The car technology we need drivers to buy so cycling isn’t so dangerous

The future of car safety is keeping people safe outside of cars.

(Updated) The surprising ways in which some flight attendants are still made to live in the 1960s

The airline actually says it has one of the "most modern" fleets in the skies

Twitter really loves to hate on public transit

Things more popular than transit on Twitter: the IRS, airlines, and the police

Boston may need the Olympics to fix its problems, which is bad news for all of us

Do American cities need to take on an Olympic Games just to get big things done?

Airline passengers behaved better than ever in 2014

Flying is getting more miserable, but air rage is on the decline.

Map: When morning rush hour hits America

A cool interactive shows when people head to work across the U.S.

Railroad crossings are way safer than they used to be

In 1978, more than 1,000 people were killed at rail crossings nationwide, compared to 231 deaths in 2013.

American bridges are in bad shape, but they used to be a lot worse

Believe it or not, they're the safest they've ever been.

Mapping America’s most dangerous bridges

1 in 4 U.S. need serious repair -- here's where they all are.

What happens when Uber and Airbnb become their own regulators

Digitally sophisticated "sharing economy" companies could enforce regulation better than government can. Can we trust them to?

A surprisingly accurate map of the U.S. made with 600,000 bridges — and nothing else

1 dot = 1 bridge.

The United States is becoming a terrible place for air travel

Airfare is falling all over the world -- except in the United States

This is what it looks like when hundreds of thousands of drivers use the federal highway system

This is also what your dwindling gas tax dollars are supposed to pay for.

How cheap parking makes a lot of life more expensive

And why people who don't even own a car still pay for it.

The myth of the American love affair with cars

A history with deep implications for the potential future of driverless cars.

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