2012: The year in graphs and gifs

A look back at the year in political and policy news, in gifs and graphs. We promise this won't hurt a bit.

By Dylan Matthews December 31, 2012

The auto bailout didn’t decide the election

Once we account for population and basic ethnic/racial demographics, counties that are home to Big Three plants just didn't vote very differently from similar counties that are not.

By Dan Hopkins December 9, 2012

Who got it right in 2012

The discussion of "who got it right" has pretty much begun and ended with Nate Silver. I'm a fan of Silver's, but some other names deserve to appear on the honor roll. So here's who I trust more now that the election is over.

By Ezra Klein November 12, 2012

A remarkable, historic period of change

Viewed against most other eras in American life, the pace of policy change in the last few years has been incredibly fast. Historians, looking back from more quiescent periods, will marvel at all that we have lived through.

By Ezra Klein November 11, 2012

Don’t blame Romney’s message

A campaign's message isn't some free-floating concept unmoored from reality or strategic thinking. Messages are tied down by circumstance. And the attacks on Mitt Romney's messaging forget why he adopted the message he ultimately did.

By Ezra Klein November 8, 2012

The Romney campaign’s biggest mistake in the election

I want you to look at two photographs, one of the crowd at Mitt Romney's concession speech, and one of the crowd at President Obama's victory rally. They show what happened in this election, and what's going to happen to the GOP in coming elections.

By Ezra Klein November 7, 2012

The 2012 election in charts

The demographics shifted. Democrats and Republicans saw the world differently. And some pundits and pollsters got things very wrong. Here are our key charts from the 2012 elections.

By Sarah Kliff, Dylan Mathews, Brad Plumer November 7, 2012

Obama’s second term: Change you can really believe in

President Obama's reelection isn't about hope and change. It's about change. And because Obamacare, Wall Street reform, and tax increases are already law, it's about change that you actually can believe in. Change that's pretty much guaranteed.

By Ezra Klein November 6, 2012

Footnoting the election!

The full Wonkblog team is here tonight to provide real-time context and information as polls close across the country

By Ezra Klein, Suzy Khimm, Sarah Kliff, Dylan Matthews, Brad Plumer November 6, 2012