READ: Boehner’s new counterproposal

House Republicans say they're offering $800 billion in new tax revenue through reform that doesn't increase rates, in addition to raising the Medicare eligibility age and other major changes. Here are the details.

How Obama would cut Medicare spending in a deficit deal

President Obama has previously proposed $360 billion in health care cuts. They would mostly cut what the federal government spends on prescription drugs and care delivered in nursing homes and rehabilitative facilities.

By Sarah Kliff December 3, 2012

What will the next ‘fiscal cliff’ look like?

Let's face it: Congress will probably kick the can down the road again. But that means they'll need a new set of punishments to push them to act in six months or a year. So what sort of fiscal cliff will they set up next time?

By Dylan Matthews December 3, 2012

How a sane political system would deal with the fiscal cliff

A more sensible approach would deal directly with the problem at hand: the austerity crisis. And that could be defused fairly simply, without doing overly much to harm the deficit. The path would involve identifying policies that pack a big stimulus punch without significantly increasing the deficit. Such “mismatched” policies abound.

By Ezra Klein December 1, 2012

What if we went over the ‘fiscal cliff’…forever?

Forget going over the fiscal cliff for a few weeks. What if we go over and stay over? Macroeconomic Advisers took a look, and they found that a perma-cliff scenario would lead to budget surpluses, but at the cost of lower growth and higher unemployment.

The GOP’s Medicare confusion

The problem in the austerity crisis talks isn't that Democrats are refusing the GOP's proposed Medicare cuts. It's that Republicans are refusing to name their Medicare cuts. And that's because they genuinely don't know what they want to do on Medicare.

By Ezra Klein November 29, 2012