The shutdown is the Constitution’s fault

The seeds of the shutdown were sown in 1787, when the Founders committed us to a system of government that makes democratic accountability impossible.

By Dylan Matthews October 2, 2013

Can we have an evidence-based government?

The federal government is getting more and more invested in evaluating its programs. But will that fix what ails it?

By Jim Tankersley and Dylan Matthews April 16, 2013

Why do people hate deficits?

It's far from obvious why people care about balancing the budget. So what are the most common reasons given?

By Dylan Matthews April 8, 2013

Should the top tax rate be 73 percent?

Two factions of economists are arguing over whether we should have sky-high marginal rates. Here's what you need to know.

By Dylan Matthews November 27, 2012

Are political parties growing more unified?

Contrary to popular belief, Democrats are actually better at party discipline than Republicans. And both parties are extremely unified, to an unprecedented degree.

By Dylan Matthews September 6, 2012