Mitt Romney’s voodoo spending cuts

This shouldn’t need to be said, but spending cuts have consequences. If we're really going to cut 40 percent from all programs that aren't Medicare, Social Security, and defense, it's going to hurt.

By Ezra Klein October 30, 2012

Paul Ryan’s magic budget caps

The only way Paul Ryan can make his budget numbers add up is by instructing Congress's budget referees to assume his plans will work. But he's not the only politician to use this trick.

By Ezra Klein September 27, 2012

Would Obama or Romney redistribute more?

An Obama presidency looks likely to do more redistribution from the rich to the poor and from the healthy to the sick, while a Romney presidency looks likely to do more redistribution from the young to the old and from taxpayers to defense.

By Ezra Klein September 20, 2012

Paul Ryan isn’t a deficit hawk. He’s a conservative reformer.

If you know about Paul Ryan at all, you probably know him as a deficit hawk. But Ryan has voted to increase deficits and expand government spending too many times for that to be his north star. Rather, the common thread throughout his career is his desire to remake the basic architecture of the the federal government.

By Ezra Klein August 11, 2012