The GOP’s hidden budget advantage

Here's an easy rule of thumb for scoring budget negotiations: Whichever side is complaining about "baselines" is losing.

By Ezra Klein December 5, 2012

This graph should scare you

Why has growth been so underwhelming in this recovery? A CBO study says because potential growth has slowed.

By Neil Irwin November 15, 2012

Wonkbook: Want some gloomy news about 2013?

Sure you do. The CBO says that growth will be a mere 1.7 percent -- and that's if we avoid the fiscal cliff. If we go over the fiscal cliff? Hoo boy.

By Ezra Klein August 23, 2012

CBO: If nothing changes, we’re in for another recession

Usually the release of Congressional Budget Office economic and budget projections is as dull as that phrase makes it sound. But not these economic and budget projections, released today by the CBO.

By Dylan Matthews August 22, 2012