The second presidential debate in graphs

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney tossed out plenty of statements and figures in the second presidential debate on Tuesday. Many of them were ripe for charting. So we've compiled some graphs that help add context for some of our favorite moments in the debate.

By Suzy Khimm, Sarah Kliff, Dylan Matthews, Brad Plumer October 17, 2012

The evolution of airfares, in one chart

A look at how and why airline ticket prices have evolved since 1979. Flying's getting cheaper, in part because airlines are getting more efficient. Oil matters. And even though baggage fees are soaring, they're still fairly small in the grand scheme of things.

The fiscal cliff is… progressive?

The Tax Policy Center has calculated that the fiscal cliff will raise taxes on 90 percent of Americans, raising the average tax rate 5 percentage points. Here's a closer look at how the tax rate would affect different income groups.

A closer look at the pay gap, in charts

Women are doing a lot better than they were a half century ago. But men's economic privilege has been dented rather than eroded.

By Dylan Matthews September 30, 2012

What is the middle class?

Under Obama and Romney's definition, only 4 percent of Americans AREN'T middle class.

By Dylan Matthews September 16, 2012

The jobs report in five – nay, six! – charts

This morning's jobs report was awful. Unemployment went down from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent, but nonfarm payrolls only increased by a dismal 96,000, with another 40,000 jobs lost in revisions of previous months' figures.

By Dylan Matthews September 7, 2012